Radaydeh Music offers professional tuition in Cello, Guitar, Oud (Lute) and Piano & Keyboard, by a VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) Registered Teacher.

Cello (Beginner to Advanced)

The cello was invented as a very large version of the violin, back in the 1500s. About a hundred years later, an Italian violin maker named Antonio Stradivari started making cellos that stood upright, like the modern cello… Cello is part of the strings instruments family (Double Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin) and its sound range is higher than the double bass and lower than the viola… Cellos strings are made of steel and are tuned in fifths, starting with C2 (two octaves below middle C) as the lowest string, followed by G2, D3, and A3. It is tuned the same way as the viola, only an octave lower... Modern orchestras can have as many as ten or twelve cellos, and you can usually hear and see them quite clearly to the right of the conductor… The body of the cello is hollow and made of wood, the shape of the body gives the cello its distinctive tone …The bow is made of horsehair attached to a rod…

Oud (Lute) (Beginner to Advanced)

At first glance, the oud is an instrument to be admired because of the beautiful ornamentation that decorates its front part… The oud is believed to have originated in a great civilization known as Mesopotamia, more than 3500 years ago… The oud is fretless and plucked with a long plectrum made of eagle quill. It has a short neck attached to a large pear-shaped body or soundbox, which gives it its unique sound… The word `Oud` means wood; simply it was given this name because it is made out of wood… All ouds are handcrafted… Most ouds consists of five courses of strings, tuned in fourth as G2, A2, D3, G3, C4.

Guitar (Beginners to Advanced)

Piano & Keyboard (Beginners to Intermediate)